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Scorpion Features

Security for Exam Development

Scorpion protects data, secures processes, and offers secure item design features, keeping content safe during development and beyond.

Remote Collaboration

Administrators, subject-matter experts, and reviewers can collaborate easily and securely. With controlled access to project content item exposure is reduced to a minimum.

Resource Management

Easily configure roles in Scorpion to meet the needs of your organization.

Custom Workflows

Items can be pushed through unique workflows with configurable phases and statuses.

Easy Form Creation and Balancing

Our psychometrics interface provides quick creation, review and publishing of forms.

Secure Access

Caveon ID helps eliminate the risk of unauthorized user access with two-factor authentication, IP and session checks, and encrypted connections.

Scorpion Features

Scorpion Features Free Account Premium Account
Auto blueprinting No Yes
Multiple forms No Yes
Workflow phases and statuses No Yes
Multiple choice items (single answer) Yes Yes
Multiple choice items (multiple answers) Yes Yes
Matching items No Yes
Build list items (ordering) No Yes
Discrete Option Multiple Choice (DOMC) items No Yes
Short Answer Items No Yes
Item versioning No Yes
Number of reviews 1 Unlimited
Number of users per project 5 Unlimited
Information Integration Theory (IIT) No Yes
Blueprint reviews No Yes
Automatic Form Balancing No Yes
Multiple cutscores (via IIT) No Yes
Project customization No Yes
Custom import/export No Yes
Support Online Online and phone
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